Fun in the Sun

I love water recreation but I can only do it when I take a vacation to a coastal area or island where I can snorkel. I seek crystal blue water laden with sealife and I take an underwater camera to capture its magic. I can also use my uncle’s inflatable kayak and take lake trips as this opportunity is closer to where I reside. Given my love of outdoor water escape, imagine my surprise when the boss said all the workers could take a day off to go to the beach on a nice day. We had worked hard with many late shifts and it was time for our reward. It takes some time to get to the shore so we had to start early. He gave us the alternative choice of kayaking on the lake in an inflatable canoe that he would rent. I had done this so many times, and while I love it, I opted for the beach. Others wanted to use an inflatable kayak and a small group elected to go that route. The lounge owner said we could also bring friends to share are day off in the sun.

This was going to be a wonderful outing, each group in its own chosen location. Many of us packed lunch and snacks so we would all be provided with ample food. We dug our swimsuits out of storage and tried to find an old beach towel or two. These are colorful and of sufficient size to accommodate even the largest person in our group. We had to find an umbrella, a beach chair or two, an ice chest and thermos. There is nothing like lounging on the beach and digging your toes in the sand to rid yourself of any residual stress or anxiety. Working at night builds tension as we work at a face pace for a demanding clientele.

As we approached the beach in our van, we could see long stretches of golden sand. White-crested waves populated the shore and beckoned us to enter the water. It seemed to go forever into the distance with no land in sight. Not even a channel or island. I know in California you can see oil rigs with flashing lights far off the coast, pumping liquid gold. We trekked down a short windy path through the sand near the road to become closer to the water. Here we set up “camp.” In no time at all, we were ready for our water recreation. Some rented surfboards and others wore snorkeling masks. They walked to some nearby cliffs to see if there was a good location to scout below the surface. As for me, I love to swim and bodysurf in the waves. They were only of modest size but enough to have fun.

The day grew long and it was time to pack up and go. We had to tear ourselves away from the spot. We had a long drive ahead and needed to get started. We had enjoyed a wonderful time together and hoped that another outing would be planned soon.