Just Because You’re Paranoid Doesn’t Mean You’re Wrong

I work weird hours, long into the night. I sleep late in the morning which means I skip breakfast. I exist on a liquid diet a lot of the time as I am too busy to make a proper dinner or even to go out. I grab something quick at the lounge, but we have a limited menu. In short, I make do. Sometimes I resort to fattening snacks that people bring to work as a meal substitute. I am worried that I am gaining weight and am even getting a bit paranoid about it. I always prided myself on being a normal weight, if not borderline svelte. Bartending isn’t active exercise so it doesn’t tone you up. At best you are moving your arms as you shake a martini. I have to do more.

To quell my fears about packing on the pounds, I bought a body fat scale to find out. Sure enough, I had added to my physical being a few pounds. Experts say, don’t panic. It is easy to lose small amounts of extra weight. Get out the weights at home or go to the gym. Or diet for just one week. This means no more high caloric snacks, although they taste so good. I love salted almonds and cashews the best. I never was one to turn away crackers and a good cheese. Sweets can be the bane of anyone’s existence and fortunately I can do without chocolate most of the time. It was all so tempting when I was hungry, but I am now going to bring healthy things like raw vegetables and fruit juice to work.

The experts were right. I did lose the weight in one week and returned to normal. The fat fear was gone. I suppose it is a good thing–like an alarm system to keep you aware of your weight. It is so easy to binge eat and see the consequences in a short period of time. Now the only fattening thing I will eat is a small piece of birthday cake to be polite. You don’t want to insult the birthday person by turning it away. Meanwhile I do recommend a bathroom scale with a body fat analyzer attachment. Many of these connect with your laptop and give you daily data. You can monitor your progress easily and make adjustments to your routine.

It is interesting how dependent we are on certain appliances. There are many digital scales on the market at fair prices that will make your life much easier. If I had to choose between an upgraded scale or a new coffeemaker, it would surely be the former. I can always go to the local café. The scale I cannot do without. There isn’t a public one anywhere like there are blood pressure machines in drugstores. So take my word for it and save up.