One Thing I Hate About Working Nights

I work as a bartender in a downtown lounge and that means long into the night. People like to stay until closing, which is quite late. It is an urban area that attracts the local night owls. They prefer a good round of drinks before bed rather than watching TV. It is a social scene as well. People meet up with friends or make new ones. Everyone is willing to talk. It is that kind of environment and I love it. I will mix up anything their hearts desire, especially if it involves mescal. It is my specialty and I can make magic with it. But I have one pet peeve which is walking to my car in the dark at night. I usually ask another worker to accompany me if I have not secured a spot close by—within a block. But sometimes no one is available.

One very dark and creepy night when there was no moon in sight, the streetlight went out. Maybe it was a bulk or an electrical failure, so I was on my own. I imagined all sorts of horror stories like people lurking in the shadows and scared myself silly while walking to my car. Some people carry a keychain that can turn on their car lights and this is a fabulous idea, but mine doesn’t. Instead, I carry a Flashlight Pro model with me to lead the way on such dark nights. I hope the streetlight will be back on soon, and I may even call the city. I am likely to park once again in this unlit spot.

The flashlight has enough power to reveal anything in my path. Surely it would deter any muggers but you never know. I have heard about such goings on in the city but frankly nothing bad has been reported for a long time near the bar. For this I am grateful and I leave work alone when I must. I also know the patrons who live in the area and they might be out walking their dogs. If I encounter them, it is no trouble. If I get really panicked about walking to the car, I may ask the boss if I can park behind the lounge. I know he has a spot but he doesn’t always use it and he often leaves early. I am usually one of the last to go. I think he will understand my need for more security being a woman. I will pick my moment to bring the subject up. Meanwhile I am wielding my trusting flashlight. I also have a small one as a backup on my keychain.

I approached the boss with some trepidation but it was alright. He understood. He said that I could park behind the lounge but he warned me that there was a lot of garbage. Use that flashlight of yours, he suggested, and it was good advice. I wouldn’t go anywhere in the dark, even a few feet, without it.