Pest Free

I work in a popular downtown lounge as a bartender of specialty drinks. We get a variety of customers with different tastes and personalities, but they all have one thing in common. They value our A rating for cleanliness. More than one patron has mentioned it. While some bars in our neighborhood are “B,” we are at the top of the heap. I do believe we get customers who might have gone elsewhere from time to time. Pests, particularly roaches, are the kiss of death for a public place that serves food and drink. We must by all means keep the bugs at bay. Sure, you can set traps or do a bug bomb, but I wonder about its effect on human health.

We had a pest control service at one time, which is the most common solution; but the chemicals leave a residue for a long time. You must leave the premises for hours and hours and make sure no pets are in the place. It is a scary thought—all that toxic stuff. I have taken it upon myself to look for the best roach killer that is “green.” This means that it is only harmful to its target pests. This is important to me because I know someone who had residential extermination service and got home too soon. She could smell the chemicals and started to cough. That is a sign of potential lung damage. I am on the track of something that would never cause such a reaction, even in the most sensitive people. I know we can be pest free safely and securely if I hit my mark. And I did, I read about a company that uses orange oil for termites so you don’t have to tent your property. They also sell a DIY extermination kit for home, office, or store that works in a similar manner in repelling roaches without trapping them with toxic bait. I got on board with this concept and bought the kit right away.

Success! I love to end a blog with a happy conclusion. The solution I bought in fact worked. In fact, it worked fast and just as promised. Just follow the instructions. You place it where roaches are likely to go such as kitchens and wait a few days. Then you either see carcasses you can dispose of or the roaches have departed for good. They don’t like the taste or smell of the powder and it sends them packing. I don’t want to put exterminators out of business, but this product is by far a better alternative. It is cost-effective and doesn’t require a year contract. What could be better. My boss loved my ingenuity but I give credit to a friend who mentioned that he had used orange oil. It all proceeded from there.

You can be bug free safely. Just go online. There are a few sites that sell the roach kill I am touting at a fair price. You need to apply it every other month for a short while during “roach season.”
Good luck.