So Shiny!

This blog is an ode to the pressure washer oddly enough. I recently learned of its many cleanup benefits. I had never used one before or ever considered buying one. Now my tune has changed. This is a handy item that anyone would want to own, and now I do as you probably can tell. If you have dirty exterior walls, a filthy garage, a grimy sidewalk, or a debris-laden fence, you could use a pressure washer to restore everything to normal. It is quick and easy. No skills are required to operate one unless you want maximum commercial use power. I didn’t buy one of this strength. If you do, it means you just must read the instructions or get a demonstration from the supplier. You can also see how they work in many videos online. YouTube if full of DIY information on most any subject and that includes the handy power washer. You will get ideas for other uses as well.

It all started recently at the lounge. The manager called the workers together and explained that it was time to spring clean the place as a group. This way it would go faster. My assigned job was to scrub and polish the bar. I normally clean up diligently at the end of work each night, but he wanted me to “go deeper.” You should be able to eat off the bar, he said. I laughed. Okay, understood. Meanwhile another worker was told that his chore was to power wash the exterior of the building. He liked to have this done at least once a year. It can get dirty from the rain or drunk people throwing drinks against the front wall for no reason. When you work in a lounge, you should expect the unexpected. Most of the time, my work life is rather normal. But over time, the place gets dog-eared and you need a heavy cleaning.

So out came the power washer and I wanted to watch. As I mentioned, I had never seen one in operation before. My friend knew how to wield it skillfully and sprayed the walls with just the right amount of power. I didn’t see him soaked to the bone. That was encouraging. You can use this device and stay in control. We all worked hard because we wanted it to be done so we could get back to our regular routine. The walls and bar counter were squeaky clean and as the boss said—so shiny! He was clearly pleased and we were off the hook for another year.

Okay, not everyone has a use for a power washer, but we clearly did. I now find so many things to do with it, that it has been worth the money. I even loan it to family and friends so it gets an additional workout. It seldom sits idle for long. So don’t hog it all for yourself and you will gain favor with others.