Spiffing Up for Tips

I make a decent as I have been at bartending for some time in my downtown urban lounge. I have garnered quite the reputation for mixing some wild exotic drinks—many with the popular mescal. This gives me an edge over others in the field and keeps the patrons coming. I know many of the regulars quite well, but we always get newcomers from time to time. Don’t get me wrong. I also love working for tips as they add nicely to my modest income. People in this business depend on them, waiters and waitresses included, to reach a certain level of pay.

It can’t hurt to flirt a tiny bit (bat those eyelashes, girl) to get bigger tips. A smile may do the job but not as much as looking good. I try to dress appropriately for a lounge and wear enough makeup to look attractive. As a result, I have always experimented with different makeup styles and have even gone for the hot look of eyelash extensions. I really do believe that this effort has brought me more tips.

Have you (ladies of course) surveyed the makeup section of your favorite cosmetic store with an eye toward the false lashes? You will see dozens of styles. It is rather amazing and how do you choose the right one for you. There are spidery long lashes and short, fat ones that line the lid well. You can cut them to the desired length if they are too long, but most women prefer that look. They have various names for these appendages: angel eyes, flirtation fancy, or hot mama. It sounds ridiculous but it is a marketing tool. I don’t care. I just like to wear them to look special in the bar at night. No one just watches me make drinks to learn how to do it. They do, however, like to chat and that means looking one another in the face eye to eye. Hence the lashes. It takes more time to get ready for work, but I have my afternoons free. I can apply my makeup and eyelashes hours early and go about my errands or visiting friends before work. Fortunately, the type of makeup I buy is good quality and lasts through the night until I leave work. However, it means at least a half hour at home removing the stuff. Those lashes must come off every night. Some people have them applied by a professional and they can last for up to two weeks. Now this is the way to go! But it is expensive, up to $100 a pop. But maybe it is worth it to save so much time. I get tired when I get home from work and would love to just jump into bed. This may be the route I take in the near future.

False eyelashes of any type, store bought or salon applied, are my best friend. I am more than happy with the way they earn good tips. Who would ever think it?